F-lock down

In light of current wtf developments on LJ, this journal is going Friends Only.  I don't know how long this will last.

Please comment here if you would like to be added.
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oh, err, hi everyone

So, well, the rule was, when I moved in with Todd (aka parallax_view aka the boyfriend of, err, a few years now), that we would wait at least a year after said moving in before making any long-term, marriage-like commitments.  But, well... you know rules.  Made to be broken and all that.  We've talked about such things... but again with the one year rule. August is close enought to October, right?  RIGHT???

So, yeah. Today, in our PJs, his face still slightly swollen from a few hours of oral surgery in the AM, me with my hair a total mess from sleeping on it then throwing it in a bandana without so much as a drag of a comb, with our computers and cats and possibly spider or two as witnesses, he proposed, I accepted (obviously).  I am now wearing a ring that once belonged to my Uncle Alan's Aunt Rose, that was passed on to me when she passed away... I don't know if it's real, but it's damn sparkly and that's enough to make me very happy right now. I find the fact that it magically fits, and that I kept it through my move, to be a Sign from the Gods of Sparklies. Perhaps I will post a picture of it... but that probably involves me cleaning my fingernails, and that just sounds like too much work for me right now.

And that's all she wrote, folks.  For now.

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Flist cut

Okay guys, I've been meaning to do this for a while now. If you feel I've cut you in error, or if you'd simply like to be added back, just let me know, and I'll fix it.


How will you be suspended from LJ? by Anonymous LJ User
Years on LJ
Hours left until your suspension42
Your crimeLegolas/Gimli fic where Legolas is only 103.
Who reported yousiriusangel
Your fateYou buy a tropical island and start a whole new country, where fandom can live at peace, unmolested by those who do not understand. Two months later, the entire population is killed in the TezuRyo - TezuFuji ship wars.

Well, at least I *tried*  ;_;
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My AIM program is not longer working for me, randomly-  I can see what you say, and i can type, but my send button is gone.  wtf!  Must go to bed now, I'll fight with it tomorrow.  Sorry.  :(

love ya!
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Too hot...

The little weather bug on my computer right now is telling me that it is 101 degrees. 

Stepping outside tells me that *THIS* is what it is like to live in a blast furnace.  'Tis horrid and hot.  I'm sitting in an air conditioned office, and it's still too hot.  I feel sorry for the guys, who had to work outside all day. 

I'm staying late at work today so that Frank could leave his dog, Louie, here, rather than to physical therapy, because it would be inhumanely cruel to make a dog wait in a car on a day like today.  Frank should be back soon.

In the meantime.  I am melting.  guh.

... some people really need to think harder about their email addresses

While I was processing estimates this morning, I came across a woman who... seems to not have put that much thought into her email address.

In the interest of privacy, and since her first name really don't matter, let's call her... Margaret.  What DOES matter is her last name.  This is Sass.

She combined the two to make her email address.  Simple enough.  Except that this morning, I was emailing an estimate off to:


I'm not the only one who sees it... right?  RIGHT?

*is 12*
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I took the long way home from work today.

I figure if I stay out of the cities, I might be okay. I just need to stay away from people, away from anything that might lure them to me. I'm glad that I got gas in the car yesterday, I can jump in it and go, just in case.

But I don't know where I could go.

The phone lines went down a few hours ago, the power cut out not long after that. Even the animals are quiet... eerily so. The dogs normally bark at everything, but they all just seem to be watching... and waiting. I'm afraid of what they're waiting for. This calm can't last forever.

It'll be dark soon.